'Songs For Conductors' is an EP of 4 tracks written and recorded with children ages 3 to 5 at Choo Choo Pre-K in Brooklyn, NY, where John has been teaching music for the past 4 years. Rather than playing standards like 'Wheels On The Bus' and 'Old MacDonald,' John decided to bring the creative process to the kids. Over 12 songs have been written with the Choo-Choo kids. This is just a taste.

Next, John is taking the creative process abroad with The Monster Project, a record about monsters that have been created/dreamed up by children from around the world. The Monster Project will allow kids the freedom to celebrate their creative nature and foster a connection to music and storytelling, all while experiencing a direct and tangible result of their work in the form of the recorded song. In addition to The Monster Project, John is continuing his work on 'The Village of Vale,' a modern-day fairytale modeled after the musical storytelling style of Sergei Prokofiev's 'Peter and The Wolf.' 'The Village of Vale' is a storybook record which will tour music venues and schools across the country, where John will lead workshops in his course 'Igniting The Creative Process.' To donate to either of these educational endeavors, please see the PayPal 'Make A Donation' link at the bottom of the page. Thanks, and enjoy!

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