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The Village of Vale
The Lookout Boy
The Traveler
The Book of the Village
The Miserable Thicket
The Tinkerer
The Tower
The Gates

Available here

Original Music for Comedy of Errors
Of Here, Of There
You Are My Glass
To Epidamnum
Satan Avoid

Original Music for Colleen Thomas' Untitled Piece
Surround Me When I'm Home
Surround Me When I Go

Songs For Conductors: A Collaboration With Toddlers (Sleeping Brother John)
Life On Earth
Mommy Lizard
Three Little Seeds
Show Quest

Available here

Original Music for Cymbeline
Good Morrow To The Sun
The Dream

Here Be Dragons, Vol. III (Apollo Run)
Bending The Light
Act IV
The Autumn Song

Available on iTunes

Original Soundtrack, Songs For A Future Generation
1.21 Gigawatts
The Inevitable Small Rebellions
The Glass Door

Here Be Dragons, Vol. II (Apollo Run)
City Lights
Annie Mae
All In Good Time

Available on iTunes

Here Be Dragons, Vol. I (Apollo Run)
Love Song
That's How It Felt
Wide Eyes

Available on iTunes

Unreleased LP, Make It Go Boom
Land Land Land

Original Music for Colleen Thomas' Anatomy of a Viciously Sweet: A. Love; B. Lust; C. Life; D. All of the Above
Kingfisher Part II
Sonnets All Around

Cupid and Psyche: A Rock Musical (Words by Jon Karpinos)
When Tomorrow Is Lost
Near Psyche
Welcome Home
I Won't Pretend
Better To Forget Her
You Want Cupid Back
My Last Goodbye
Land of the Dead

Original Music for Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet
La Mano Estesa
Main Theme
Lovers (Part I)
Lovers (Part II)

Rubicon Original Score
Tough Love

Original Music for Jack Ferver's Death is Certain
Performed in April of 2009.

Bells and Bones
Wrath of Kreon
The Birdcage (Part I)
Walk With Me
Cynthia with her Borrowed Light
By My Faith
For Emilia
The Three Fools
Nonny Nonny Nonny
My Stars, My Fate
The Birdcage (Part II)
Sword of Palamon
For Emilia (Reprise)

381 Sessions
Bound to do Right
Annie Mae
Land Land Land
Nightingale and the Lark